Research title: Muslim Women in Australia with Hearing Loss

My name is Ayah Wehbe and I am a PhD researcher at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney. My research topic is about Muslim Women in Australia with hearing loss.

Video in Auslan (Australian Sign Langauge)

My aim is to explore their identity and belonging to multiple communities in Sydney. These communities can be the Deaf community, the Muslim community, the Deaf Muslim community and the wider Australian population.

I am looking for women to interview to help with my research!

You must be:
• a Muslim woman
• have hearing loss (e.g. ‘Deaf’, ‘deaf’, hearing impaired)
• between 18-65 years old
• live in Sydney, Australia

If you want to be part of the research:


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This research has:
Scientia PhD Scholarship
FASS-HDR Faculty Supported Research Funding
UNSW Ethics Approval (No:190606)
Version dated: 27th July 2020