The Sydney Deaf Community Iftar was held again in May 2019 for Ramadan.

It was my 3rd time organising this and Alhumdillah (All Praise be to God) for making this bigger and with more community awareness and support!

Check out the Facebook post for photos!

What an amazing night!The Sydney Deaf Community Iftar turned out better than I imagined. It was my 3rd time…

Posted by Silent Signs on Sunday, 12 May 2019

We had a lot of people come, Muslims, Deaf, non-deaf, people from different backgrounds and people from all ages.

We had people come and learn more about the Deaf Community and how to create access to religion.

We had many people donate and help with the food!

Here are some videos:

Sydney Deaf Iftar Video (part 1)

Hello!Here is part 1 video from the Sydney Deaf Community Ramadan Iftar (Dinner) which was held recently.In this video, I thank all the sponsors and people who assisted with this event such as 3Bridges Community, Lebanese Muslim Association/ Lakemba Mosque and others. See the previous post for full list of sponors and more photos: I also thank Allah (swt) for the increasing support and awareness over the last few years.***Part 2 video is coming soon with an exicitng announcement !! ****

Posted by Silent Signs on Thursday, 16 May 2019
I am thanking everyone who sponsored, donated and assisted with this dinner.

Important Annoncement! (Sydney Deaf Community Iftar video Part 2)

Video (Part 2) from Sydney Deaf Community Ramadan Iftar!🌟🌟Exciting Annoncement !🌟🌟Introducing, for the first time ever, Qu’ran in Auslan🤟🏻🤲🏼Alhumdillah a wonderful colloboration between the Muslim community and Deaf community in Sydney to make the holy Quran avaialbe in Auslan (Australian Sign Language).So far, video of Surah al Iklaas is translated into Auslan. Check it out: InshaA'llah many more verses of the Holy Quran will be translated into Auslan. I pray to Allah (swt) God, to make this project a success and allow us to create more access to religion. Ameen

Posted by Silent Signs on Saturday, 18 May 2019
We also shared an important announcement!