On January 16th I was asked to present at a new and exciting project called Start-Up Ummah!

click here for link to event page!

Houssam Bizri, the man who helped me create this Silent Signs page, asked me to present on Disabilty Focused Start- Ups!
While I am not a start up or a business (yet!) I spoke about disability and hearing loss, shared my research and how I started the Silent Signs Journey in order to raise awareness and encourage other people to think about making their projects, businesses and companies inclusive and accessible!
It was a great event and I presented with many other inspiring people such as  Sana Atarangi Karanouh (CC Community Kitchen) Sayed Rahmatullah Hussainizada, Mohammad Quadan, David Abouloukme Peter Gould and Shaz Khan!
Thank you Houssam Bizri for organising a much needed community event and making the event accessible for my hard of hearing friends. We tried to book Auslan sign language interpreters but it was difficult but it shows there is a need for more interpreters, especially from our own community!

Check out this video of my opinions and comments about the Muslim Community in Sydney. (Don’t forget to click CC for captions!)

I was so overwhelmed and touched by everyone’s comments and I made so many networks and people interested in helping out!
So excited for new projects and collaborations with Start-Up Ummah!

If you have an idea or would like a free consultation please contact: https://startupummah.com/!