I had another check up last week.
Making the 40 mins drive to Gladesville was more challenging than usual. For some reason the GPS even took me through the city and made me late to my appointment.

A moment of weakness hit me.
A moment of loneliness.
The yearning “if just someone understands” or the wish that ” I didn’t have to go through this alone” crossed my mind.

After my appointment, I saw 2 familiar faces sitting in the waiting room.
I met the mother and her baby at my previous appointment, a few weeks before. The baby wasn’t more than 2 years old and had cochlear implantson both ears.
While waiting for the appointment last time, I started a conversation with the mother and tried to grab the baby’s attention by making those exaggerated gestures and facial expressions people make when talking to babies.

While the baby that was busy playing with toys, he still acknowledged me and even smiled at me a little.

“He likes you!” The mother tells me. ” he doesn’t like or approach anyone!”
I was a little surprised but touched. It didn’t really feel like the baby made a “connection” with me.

Anyways, when the mother saw me again last week, she lit up and excitedly tried to grab the baby’s attention. She kept beckoning to him: “look who’s here!” while pointing at me.

It was so humbling, so touching.

I don’t know them.
I can’t even communicate with the baby.

But it was God’s way of saying “you’re not alone”.

I walked out of the appointment, with tears in my eyes, marveling at the beauty of God and strangers.